Sunday, 3 May 2009

03-05-09: Silver Birch Infrared

It's infrared time of the year again... This one is a digital one to get me warmed up, but I've got a small stock of the (now sadly discontinued) Kodak HIE film waiting for the right conditions.
I normally use a Hoya R72 filter for infrared work, but they are expensive in larger sizes, so I only have a 58mm one; the 17-40 lens used here is 77mm.
When I went on the last APUG ILFORD tour, ILFORD kindly gave out a large mounted gelatin filter along with a roll of their own reintroduced infrared SFX200 film.
The filter is in Cokin P mount, which I have holders and a 77mm ring for, so the filter fits the 17-40 fine.

I've not used the SFX film yet, but that will be getting a good work out too this summer - reports from others suggest it works well though, so I'm looking forward to it.

This shot is blurry from the long exposure needed with the heavy filter - 8 seconds at f/8. I'm quite pleased with it though; I think the blurryness adds to the mystery of the infrared.
Click image to view a bigger version

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