Tuesday, 12 May 2009

12-05-09: Capacitors

Sunglasses? Why, certainly ;).
JPEG strikes again on that sharp transition from blue to red... hardly surprising really...
Straight out of the camera, other than setting white balance to daylight before exporting a JPEG.
3 flashes; one snooted, shooting towards the camera; one gelled red and shot onto the background; the third lighting the capacitors, with a flag on one side to keep the light off the background.
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  1. Ben,
    Hi! I just want to thank you for your continuous help on Photojojo. You seem to always respond to everyone's questions and I really appreciate it a lot. I don't know anyone personally who knows much about photography so Photojojo has been a great learning tool for me. The other night I told my husband about how you seem to be the human encyclopedia of photography knowledge and how amazing that is! It's like a gift! And then you use that gift to help others so that is even more outstanding! :-) Thanks again!
    Karrie (Swintime on Photojojo)
    P.S. Awesome picture! I have no idea what a capacitor is though! ha ha! Could it be some sort of electronic thing you put inside a car? No idea.....

  2. Thanks for your note, Karrie :) Glad I can help.

    A capacitor is like a tiny rechargeable battery that stores a minute amount of energy.
    These capacitors have loads of uses - everything from timers to amplifiers.
    I had a strip of them left on the desk after I repaired something, and they just caught my eye.

  3. I love the colors in this! I love when everyday things make great photos.