Monday, 31 August 2009

31-08-09: Bale/Cheat/Explaination/Rant

Today's picture is a still from some video I shot earlier. No, it's not still photography as such, but I've been shooting loads of video over the last few days, so I've run out of new real photos. :(

We've had a bit of an oddity at work, with a particular job requiring full HD, when we don't have any HD cameras.
Natural solution - Buy one. Answer: The management don't know an f/stop from a tripod, and decide to buy the cheapest camera they can get away with. Which is a handycam. Granted, it's quite a good handycam, a Panasonic HVX-200, but still, it's all fly-by wire with electronic focus and iris rings. Which I don't appreciate.
So, they place their order, only to discover it won't be delivered for several weeks: We need the camera in 3 days' time. Solution: Hire a camera to tide us over; simple. Or not. Without consulting anyone who knows what the camera needs to do, they hired a JVC GY-HD200. Which doesn't shoot full HD. Oops...
It's now my job, (having never worked with HD before) to mash the slightly odd 720P HDV video from the JVC with a lot of other (still to be shot, but 1080P) material from the Panasonic when we get it... Fun.

This is one of my tests to get used to the camera before going on the actual shoot.

(It's worth adding that the actual shoot went very smoothly, and the material looks pretty good, format issues aside)

Click image to view a bigger version

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