Thursday, 30 April 2009

30-04-09: 3D Films

I had to photograph a demo of 3D projection today - with a 2D camera...
It was actually a very interesting event, and they let me try the system out too - it's a million miles from the old red/green anaglyph projection.
This system doesn't make you feel twisted or disoriented when you take the glasses off, which is a real plus over the old systems.

Photographically speaking, this job was a little tricky, as exposures were silly-slow, even at ISO 1600, f/1.4, right in front of the screen.
This one is the brightest of the lot, as I managed to sync my finger on the shutter to a series of explosions in the film.
Some wide shots were called for too, but my 17-40 maxes out at f/4, so the exposures were in the 1/15th to 1/4 sec range most of the time with that lens.
It was a similar story in the projection room, 1/6th @f/4 with people in the shot.
The wide angle helped a little bit, masking the blur to (just about) acceptable levels. The extra brightness of the 50mm would have helped, but the angle was just too narrow to be useful in that small area.
All in all, a fun, albeit challenging day.
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