Saturday, 1 January 2011

2010 - Well, that worked...

...Or not...

2010 wasn't a particularly brilliant year for me, creatively or generally.
It started off with a lot of changes and hassle at work, being moved from my office, studio and control room, into a basement in the IT building.
At the time I half-jokingly said to my colleagues "give it 6 months, and we'll be redundant"; life may imitate art, evidently it listens to snarky comments too.
We got our marching orders in late July, and I left in early September.

What with the hassle hanging over me in the early part of the year, and the lack of work since September, I've not been in much of a mood to shoot a lot, so the camera got a bit of a light year. Hopefully 2011 will be better.
I'm going to try and do the 365 again this year, to get me out of the rut.

Being off hasn't been all bad though; as well as trying my hand at winemaking and a few other bits and pieces, it has given me a chance to build a website, something I've been wanting to do for some time. You can see it here if you're interested:

To 2011!

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