Wednesday, 5 January 2011

05-01-11: Cold, wet, and generally unpleasant

Station Street Tram Terminus. Very cold, and spitting rain.

I had to go in to the job centre in town today, to "sign on" - for non UK readers, this is what you have to do every two weeks when you're unfortunate enough to be claiming unemployment benefit - something which I sincerely hope I'll not need to do for much longer...

[rant (select if you really want to read it)]
I really despise going to sign on; you get treated like an errant child, and there's always a fair collection of right charmers also signing on - a few weeks ago it was a bloke playing "music" from his phone's loudspeaker (ignoring the "No mobile phones" signs, naturally)
I seem to recall hearing something about "F*****g all mah b*tches, yeah" I'm no prude, but that's beyond crass. Not to mention I don't particularly like rap at the best of times...

Today is was a couple with a crying baby; the mum, in the direction of the pushchair: "We wouldn't be here if yer dad hadn't knocked me up". Classy. Very Classy.

Ah well, onward and upward ;)

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