Tuesday, 30 June 2009

30-06-09: Foamy Weir

The weir and lock entrance at Gunthorpe.
So, why shoot RAW on the GR digital if it's so much slower than using JPEG?
Laying aside the quality and control issue, curiously it's actually quite a good thing to be slowed down.
I'm used to using relatively fast cameras; my 40D does around 6 FPS, as does my EOS 1N. My 30D does 5. The G9 manages about 1.5 sec/frame in RAW - it could be considered slow, but it's still fast enough to take 3 of 4 pictures in a few seconds before something moves.

When shooting RAW on the GRD, before I press the shutter, I think whether the settings are right, whether the framing is good etc, because I know the camera's out for 10-15 secs after I press that button: You just can't use it like a machine gun, which it's tempting to do with a fast camera.
The GR isn't the thing to be shooting portraits or fast stuff with by it's nature; it's 28mm equivalent lens would give a fishbowl effect to portraits and it's simply not long enough for most animals or sports, so it's being a bit on the slow side really doesn't matter.
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