Tuesday, 1 March 2011

01-03-11: Back in the Darkroom again!

I think unique on here to date, a self portrait of sorts. My sister's doing a black and white photo project for school, and I've been showing her the ropes in the darkroom.
As she needs photos of the process for documenting the project, I took the opportunity to shoot this one too.
I'm sure it's about 2 years since I did any serious darkroom work, and I really enjoyed refreshing my acquaintance with it.
The enlarger is a Durst Modular 70, capable of handling up to 6x7 medium format negs. It's fitted with a colour head, which is handy for printing on variable contrast paper, as well as giving me the capability of printing colour, should I ever get my act together and order some colour chemistry.
Click image to view a bigger version

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