Saturday, 31 October 2009


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  1. I've been away from your pages much too long...I love your cityscapes! I'm thinking of attempting a 365 but trying to get some shutterbug pals to start with me (for encouragement). I'm impressed that you have made it all the way to November! You are very self-disciplined and a brilliant photographer to boot! I'm rarely at my personal blog but you can find me here:
    Anything posted by Karen Roper is mine.

  2. Thanks for your comments :)
    Getting this far has been a struggle at times, but quite fun on the whole.

    Give it a go, it's worth the challenge, and it does feel kind of good now.
    I've found it useful have an archive of spare (but recent) stuff ready to post for when you feel frazzled and haven't got anything new to hand.

  3. Do you like the format of this blog for your 365? I just found a website that offers a calender format so that you can see an entire month at a glance. Shuttercal. It has a pretty large network of commenters too. I like comments but only from those who are truly interested in my photos. Not just an "I'll comment on your photo if you comment on mine" sort of thing. I got worn out by that in another blog.

    Your encouragement has given me the desire to start my own but I'll wait until the first of the year. I'm still researching the best place to store them. And feel free to edit or delete all of this comment...I get rather wordy at times.

  4. I think so.
    It's easy to browse, and you can see a whole month with decent sized pictures in 4 pages rather than either as a month in thumbnails or 28+ pages with one day per page.

    There are arguments for all the different formats though, and once you're following a daily blog rather than looking at the archives, I guess the format doesn't really matter, particularly if you're using an RSS reader.

    I'm with you on commenters, the atmosphere of "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine" can be very annoying. I prefer "I'll scratch your back if you've done something I like. Feel free to reciprocate under the same conditions, or not, as you see fit"
    Now that's wordy ;)