Friday, 2 January 2009


Hi, I'm Ben, a photographer in Nottingham, England.
I'm starting this blog for a 365 project in 2009.

I'm interested in most aspects of photography, and will turn my hand to anything.
Hopefully this blog will reflect this.

I'm happy using nearly any camera, as long as it has a manual mode, and I have used all sorts of cameras from compact digitals to 5x4" large format film cameras.

Most of the work on here will probably be from one of the following cameras:
Canon EOS 30D
Canon EOS 40D (new toy as of 30-12-08)
Canon Powershot G9
Ricoh GR Digital
Canon EOS 1N HS
Mamiya 645

Places I frequent:
Photojojo forum
I'm usually to be found under the username ben-s.

Let the photos begin!

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  1. hey ben, found you by way of PJJ. I will enjoy following your 365 project this year. So glad you are posting your lenses, cameras used etc for each photo. I'm sure I'll learn something from your work!